How to choose avtokreditny bank?

Tired of public transport? I want to get to their destination as quickly and comfortably? Then one way out - an urgent need to buy a car. But where to find the money to buy the dream? There was a time when to buy a car should have been a long time to save money, but today you can buy a car, filling out a loan at a bank, which provides such services as car loans. With car loans, we are now able to buy a car, but eventually at a higher price, because even “free credits” to purchase a car has its pitfalls.

18 September 2007 | acquisition, bank, car loans, comfort, loan, money, output, place, transport

And Ford Focus NEW! Official press release FORD! from Frankfurt.
New Mazda at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007 (Tokyo Autoshow 2007)

• Launched avtokreditny portal »»»
Center for automobile loans in conjunction with the car portal, Avto.
• BMW and DaimlerChrysler will be opened in Russia's own banks »»»
Affiliated financial structure of companies will issue loans for the purchase of German cars, BMW and Mercedes.
• Liquidity crisis in the banking market »»»
In August 2007, problems began in the mortgage market, in September, the liquidity crisis has come to market auto loans.
• Toyota opened the first of the automakers in Russia own bank - "Toyota Bank" »»»
Those who want to buy a Toyota car loan will soon be able to arrange it in his own bank automaker.
• When buying a car from Germany can be fun to fly! »»» - a popular resource among professionals, long-distance and all those who are the concerned in the supply of cars on order in Russia.