In St. Petersburg women drivers will take revenge on the men

In St. Petersburg women are going to put men on the drivers seat. According to representatives of the initiative group, males consistently undercut women behind the wheel, bibikayut them, compose about voditelnits any stupid jokes. In general, humiliated by all means available.

18 May 2007 | group, handlebars, man, place, representative, russia, woman, word

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• The number of women drivers in Russia has doubled in five years »»»
Number of female drivers in Russia over the past five years has almost doubled.
• How to choose a car seat for your child? »»»
The safest area in the car - rear seat for the driver.
• HUMMER H3 / Made in Russia »»»
Hummer for $ 50 000 - no joke. That’s the number we have is the youngest representative of the illustrious family.
• The most curious vehicles planet. Auto-bed, plush car, car, boat, motor-boat and car-ball »»»
To attach the wheels and the motor can be any object and make the car out of the bath, toilet, or sofa.
• Drivers and passengers of cars forced to wear helmets »»»
President Dmitry Medvedev has prepared a decree on the mandatory use of helmets by drivers and passengers of vehicles of category “B”.