As a woman “auto Lady” check engine oil level car?

On the car I’m riding for about a year. Yes. just ride, and unfortunately is not perfect, we would like. It sometimes happens that someone from the male motorists interested in the technical data of my avtomobilchiki, except that it’s reds Toyota Witz, “the 2004 release, the more I’m not saying anything. Because I believe that the “auto Lady” than “non-ideal driving” - an understatement, and “perfect” fitting into any auto show, should certainly be able to discreetly and confidently present the facts. If cars were people, I think that the state of “Japanese” on our roads can be described as a prolonged wait. Swallow My Toyota ran off almost a year, the expanses of our country, being in shock from the delights Russian roads. The first time she made uncharacteristic roar, like a cough, somewhere in the fast paced auto rodeo in the country. In this convulsive jerk, but thank God bounced back and earned again. Then these cramps even more frequent, which led me into a complete breakdown. My beloved husband, being on a mission of another city, responded to my cries of alarm inexcusably quiet, and advised me to check the engine oil level. I psychosis was not the end because I did not imagine what that this level, it is absolutely not owned by oil situation in general and in particular on the road, and therefore this advice more like a runaway favorite taunt. Torment all night so as not to contact him for more useless advice, I had hardly wait for the morning and rushed to the car park, with the aim to test this level of oil, come what may. For this has taken some steps: 1. Open the hood of the car. 2. With some difficulty was found in the center of backup-hook, which was famously come bonnet lid. 3. Pulled out from the trunk kanistrochka with oil, which has presented at auto auctions in the form of a bonus. 4. Around the machine is perfect free marathon with a careful inspection of its overall condition. 5. I had to open the bonnet to make the stop

19 November 2010

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About 35% of Russians plan to buy a car in the next 12 months - such data are given in the study of international analytical agency Nielsen.
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Living in a modern city so accustomed to the sound of car alarms that now leave him without his attention.
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Dutch police arrested a Eymeydene 84-year-old resident of this city, who went 67 years on a car without a license.