Scream, do not yell - it is useless

Living in a modern city so accustomed to the sound of car alarms that now leave him without his attention. Therefore, the usefulness of this noisy device today is almost zero. In this case the experts were convinced one of the British insurance companies. To prove his theory into practice, experts conducted an experiment in the four largest cities in the UK. Why in the various districts of London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Manchester for one hour left cars with the alarm, of course under the close supervision of hidden cameras, watch the reaction of passersby. As evidenced by the researchers, the majority of pedestrians simply ignored the cry of an electronic security guard. In Glasgow, only two of the 22 interested in the roar of machinery, and even those casually making sure that windows are not broken down, went further. As a result, among the one hundred and fifteen caregivers near screechy machines, go to the police no one dared.

3 May 2011

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• Putin signed amendments to the law on OSAGO »»»
As experts of insurance companies in the new conditions defeats the purpose of certificates of insurance to be issued to drivers, insurers upon termination of the contract.
• Jaguar creates a co-production with China »»»
Company Jaguar Land Rover is in talks on joint production with an unnamed automaker in China.
• Auto insurance for women »»»
Who would have thought that in such a conservative industry like insurance could creep customization by sex clients.
• A new site AUTONIKS »»»
Company brings together the three major car salon in Moscow.
• China became the largest automobile market of the world »»»
The British agency Press Association reported that in the past year, China has implemented more than 50% more cars than a year earlier.