Nissan promises to produce cars in Russia, worth about six thousand dollars

Two years later, the “AvtoVAZ” can begin to assemble cars for the Japanese brand, Datsun, Nissan declined from which 30 years ago. They will be carried out on the platform of VAZ “Kalina”. The Japanese decided to revive the brand to create a budget car worth little more than six thousand dollars to be sold in emerging markets.

“We’re going to launch a new brand name Datsun. In March 2014 Datsun cars will roll through the streets of Russia“, - said the head of Nissan in Russia, Francois Goupil de Bouyer Wednesday.

So far, he said, the decision about which of the Russian factories alliance Renault-Nissan will assemble this model is not accepted. The choice of the alliance has a factory “AvtoVAZ” in Togliatti and Izhavto. Own factory Nissan in St. Petersburg for this project is not considered. A decision on the site can be made through the first nine months, said the head of Nissan in Russia.
Datsun brand reborn in 2014 with the launch of two models with an interval of six months. Then, the range will be expanded. In 2016, Nissan expects to sell in Russia, 100 thousand budget cars Datsun.

Russia will be the first market that will be launched this brand. Following Datsun cars will sell well in India and Indonesia. And Nissan is betting on the local production of Datsun in all three markets. In addition, the company does not preclude the future output of cars and other markets.

21 March 2012

In February, the Russians spent on cars nearly $ 5.5 billion
C on April 1, come into effect new rates of payment overhaul.

• On September 1, 2014 kicks off a state program of fleet renewal vehicles Russians »»»
Since September 2014 Russia will launch the fleet renewal. Motorists will be able to get discounts on cars of domestic production size 50 … 350 thousand.
• Lada Granta lost its status as the main bestselling car market (-48.55% compared to last year). »»»
Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia fell to an annualized rate of 12.
• AvtoVAZ to Renault to sell for $ 1 »»»
Company “AvtoVAZ” should be sold to a French concern Renault for $ 1, said head of the company autodealer “Rolf” Sergei Petrov.
• Soon there will be the long-awaited premiere Volvo XC90 »»»
In early October at the Paris Motor Show will be held on the long-awaited premiere of the new generation Volvo XC90.
• 35% of Russians are ready to buy a new car in the coming year »»»
About 35% of Russians plan to buy a car in the next 12 months - such data are given in the study of international analytical agency Nielsen.