In St. Petersburg unknown repaired the bridge for three days

An unexpected development was the situation with the repair of the bridge of Alexander Nevsky. None of the surveyed contractors in the city did not admit that repairs were carried out on this bridge.

Inspector of the causeway, making today the day of the violation of the protocol, I could not figure out exactly who repaired the bridge in such a short time - as we were informed readers, film coating on the bridge began on Thursday, 4 October, and today, 8 of the bridge showing off the new asphalt. Is that the markup is not applied.

Theoretically, it may be two of the company - “Dorozhnik 92″ or Company “Facade.” But they refused to acknowledge his part in the repair of pavement. At the moment, is under investigation, and the edition will be grateful for any information on the work of the service.

In our country, perhaps like this: someone has a three-day limit traffic on one of the central city of bridges, and no one knows who he is and what work is carried out. The situation is complicated by the fact that because of bad weather, almost no one paid attention to the affiliation of repair equipment, and now works on the bridge remind just a couple of forgotten plastic fencing, but no markings.

8 November 2010

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