Sahakian suggests new limousine for President Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev hopes to restore the former ZIL limousine, a symbol of Soviet transport authority for the use of government officials and diplomats.

23 December 2010

(The fight at the Garden) Jeep rammed 20 cars on the Garden Ring. Owners of crumpled cars lynchings perpetrated on him
Mitsubishi Parts

• Prepared rating most expensive cars Kremlin officials: all proved to be steeper at the head of Ministry of Environment Maseratti GT »»»
Russian officials have announced details of their income last year, and with them, and data about vehicles in their ownership.
• ZIL for president. There PHOTOS »»»
I’m sure many have heard that “ZIL” received from the
• Dealers are not interested in free delivery of machines to the Far East »»»
Hoping to cope with imports supported "Japanese women", the Government earlier this year to provide free transportation of domestic cars on the Far East.
• In Paris, restricted the use of personal vehicles »»»
In Paris, restricted the use of personal vehicles. Events in France.
• Chinese officials have ordered to buy electric vehicles »»»
Electric cars should be 30% of the park service cars in China by 2016 - such an order issued PRC government.