Officials of the Ulyanovsk region spend more on cars than on Housing

Administration Karsunskogo region of Ulyanovsk region has announced an auction to purchase a car for 1.5 million rubles.

In order to estimate the extent of officials, you can compare the cost of your next used car with certain articles of the budget area. Thus, the Housing Authority has allocated 1.4 million, and the environment - only 350 rubles.

In describing the technical characteristics of states that it must be a silver sedan, Toyota or its equivalent. Car equipment should include climate control and leather upholstery. Money for the purchase of executive cars in the amount of 1,336,000 rubles have already been allocated from the district budget. This opened the official site Karsunskogo district of Ulyanovsk region.

10 August 2010

MPs may ban smoking in the car with a child.
Auto Casco in Moskve.Nizkie tseny.Dostavka.

• In 2010, officials at the third increased the budget for the purchase of official cars »»»
In 2010 the budgetary expenditure for the purchase of official vehicles for the state structures will increase.
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