In September, the Chinese bought more than 1 million cars

… sales of passenger cars in China in September rose by 84% in August, they soared by a record 90%. As noted by Bloomberg, boost sales of cars gave tax breaks and government subsidies, which led to the recovery in demand for vehicles in the third-largest economy in the world.

Last month, the Chinese have acquired 1.015 million vehicles for the carriage of passengers. This was possible thanks to the fact that the Chinese government this year allocated $ 4 trillion yuan ($ 586 million) to support the economy.

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• Chinese car sales grew due to the fact that the machines secretly buying up the country's authorities »»»
Sales of new passenger cars in China in November rose to 1.
• China took second place in the world by sales of automobiles »»»
China became the world’s second largest market after the United States in terms of sales of new cars.
• Sales of General Motors in China for the first time exceeded U.S. rates »»»
For the first time in more than a century of existence of the American automobile giant General Motors (GM) sold in the native market fewer cars than in China.
• Chinese officials have ordered to buy electric vehicles »»»
Electric cars should be 30% of the park service cars in China by 2016 - such an order issued PRC government.
• Russia sharing it with the UK sales of automobiles »»»
In 2006 sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia amounted to about two million pieces.