In Denmark, drunk drivers will be deprived of the car at the first arrest.

In Denmark to toughen penalties for drunken driving - the drivers blood alcohol content which would be higher than 2 ppm will confiscate their vehicles, according to the German edition of Handelsblatt, citing a source in the Ministry of Justice Danish.

Funds from the sale of seized vehicles will go to the state budget. It is noted that the machines would be removed not only from the Danes, but also in countries drunken guests.

If the vehicle does not belong to the offender, and rented, police will return it with the rolling.

Tougher sanctions will apply to drivers who over the past 3 years has prosecuted for driving under the influence - to give your car to the state in the blood should be more than 1.2 ppm. For men, this corresponds to the average weight of about 200 grams of vodka.

Increased penalties for drunk driving is associated with increased number of accidents: one in four deaths on the roads in Denmark is associated with alcohol use.

11 July 2014

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