Khabarovsk police demanded 300,000 rubles for the return of stolen cars

In the Khabarovsk region opened a criminal case against three members of the criminal investigation department of the Amur region, extorted from a local resident a large sum for the return of his car.

Policemen accused st.290 Criminal Code (bribery committed by a group of persons by prior agreement), told Interfax-Far East on Monday, senior assistant director of SU UPC in the Khabarovsk region Ilya Gudkov.

October 4, 2010 in ATS Amur municipal district asked the man with the statement about the theft of his Small Truck. But the police officers asked the victim to pay him 300 thousand rubles for the active search for a stolen car, from which the man refused,” - said Gudkov.

According to investigators, October 22, police told the complainant that you have found the car and again for its return demanded 300 thousand rubles.

“Oct. 23 during a special operation police officers of criminal investigation were taken red-handed with a bribe,” - noted the official.

According to him, now the suspects are in temporary detention. In addition, the court sent a petition to place them under house arrest.

25 October 2010

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