Three-fold disease for the BMW X3

Mercedes GLK - a potential killer BMW X3 - passes the final test in the snows of Scandinavia. And, although officially the company about a novelty nothing reported about it already knows everything, from technical indicators and ending price. Tentative date only premiere.

23 February 2007 | bmw, index, mercedes, news, price, test

Crash test with failure to wear seat belts from the magazine “Auto Review”!
Volkswagen withdraws 790 thousand cars

• GM dealers offer a test drive at Toyota »»»
Company GM went to a bold marketing move, starting from next month, dealers Saturn Aura sedan will offer potential buyers to test-drive with similar models from other companies directly in the showroom.
• Construction of the factory Nissan near St. Petersburg has begun! »»»
Postponed until the ceremony of laying the first stone, finally took place.
• Mazda celebrated the anniversary »»»
Company Mazda celebrated the anniversary - 40 years from the date of sale of the first car with a rotary engine.
• New Mercedes GLK Freeside »»»
Recently, the official presentation of new products Mercedes-Benz GLK Freeside.
• The Japanese presented their version of the Mercedes CL »»»
Japanese tuning company Wald International, specializes in the revision of the car brands in Europe, presented the first official pictures and information about its new design - sports package for the coupe Mercedes-Benz CL-Class.