Any intersection of the continuous marking, the Supreme Court equated to leave for oncoming traffic

What maneuver should be considered at the exit lane of oncoming traffic? This question is not one year has been the subject of heated disputes between traffic policemen and drivers. Inspector equated any crossing a solid line marking a departure for “vstrechku”.
- Excuse me! - Objected to the drivers. - I have not moved on the forehead to the flow, but only turned in a prohibited place, and so is a violation of the rules of partitioning.
Justices, who had seen every day for several hundreds of such cases is also puzzled over this tricky issue, and therefore in each individual temple of justice was his view of this violation.
As a result, some drivers off with a fine line through the turn at 50 rubles, while others â € “deprived of” rights “by up to four months. And then one and a half months ago, the supreme judges decided to explain his subordinate colleagues, that’s what.

3 February 2007 | bar, court, driver, gai, intersection, movement, question, travel, view

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