New rules for transporting children puzzled by taxi drivers and not only

Interesting situation with the implementation of paragraph amendments relating to the transportation of children to 12 years in special chairs, in different regions of Russia: where the inspectors have fined offenders, somewhere has a warning for the future. But most of all the problems of the new amendments added by taxi drivers.

11 January 2007 | amendment, baby, chair, inspector, office, region, russia, situation, transportation

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• Year of the confiscation of lighting devices: as there will be new rules of the road »»»
From 1 January 2007 all over Russia come into effect changes to the Rules of the road.
• Traffic police find the perpetrators of pre-New year traffic jams in the capital. This drivers »»»
For none of those in the New Year days in the capital is no secret that Moscow is “not only in peak hours, and from early morning until late at night.
• From the new traffic rules while the inspectors can only win STSI »»»
On this Sunday in Russia radically changed some rules of the road.
• The new higher fines - from today »»»
C today in Russia rose sharply penalties for violation of vehicle registration.
• What are the requirements of traffic police officers must comply with the motorist? »»»
As is typical with the inspector DPS? You submit the document window, and the inspector (and sometimes it does not matter, there is a violation or not) offers you get in their car (or simply “deal”, or to the protocol).