The most anticipated premiere in 2007

There is nothing more interesting than to look and feel out what the time anyone know the rules. That is why the ugly picture of poor quality, which shows the car, wrapped in black tape, shot through the windows, grids, with the asphalt, from the sky or on the phone from his pocket, beat all records for the CTR on the Internet.

17 December 2006 | internet, phone, photography, prime, quality, record, window

Cars ruining their producers
Stavropol Prosecutors appealed the termination of criminal proceedings against the mayor of Pyatigorsk

• AudiV A8 take revenge from Mercedes S-Class »»»
New Mercedes S-Class, released in the year before last and beats and more new sales records, it is too early to rest on its laurels.
• Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. Top Photos Russian car girls Frankfurt 2007. »»»
During the Frankfurt Motor Show - one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.
• American supercar become the most powerful and quickest car in the world »»»
Supercar SSC Ultimate Aero TT, built by U.S. company Shelby Supercars, set a new world speed record for production cars, speeding up to 411 kilometers per hour.
• Porsche Panamera 2009 »»»
This photo shows the new Porsche Panamera 2009. This is the most likely design of the Porsche.
• Mobile phone increases the probability of an accident in 4 times »»»
Drivers talking on cell phone, even with the use of the device Hands-Free, dangerous drivers on the road in a state of light intoxication.