The most controversial car in 2007

By the end of the year decided to gather in one place all the cars, which this year have caused the most heated debates. The most controversial cars - hated by some scary people and just as passionately loved by others. Thus, the ten most controversial car of the year.
Tall Man Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Not that he was quite ugly, but the appearance of this distinguished bratki all the SUV failed. On the other hand, he obviously is very steep in technical terms: and 14 airbags, and electronic driver’s assistant - it is wonderful! But at the heart of Moscow it is better not to appear at least in the New Year time - no need to scare surrounding the giant goblin on wheels, with them, and so full of worries.
One of the most anticipated new products year - Subaru Impreza, and was one of the most controversial . Even the most loyal to the brand, motorists could not without surprise to see a Japanese creation. Where style Impreza, so beloved and insane street racing, and relieves stress on the road-collar office? In the production went up, and fairly simple interior. Trying to please everyone at once light, and not just your fans at Subaru have created just another car.

10 January 2008 | people, place

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• Nissan Almera will remain only in Russia »»»
Japanese carmaker Nissan to cease production next year’s model Almera.
• Subaru Impreza WRX: Cosworth and Subaru decided to hit motorists all over the world »»»
Subaru company in collaboration with the well-known engineering company Cosworth teamed up to create an ambitious project that will amaze audiences around the world.
• The most curious vehicles planet. Auto-bed, plush car, car, boat, motor-boat and car-ball »»»
To attach the wheels and the motor can be any object and make the car out of the bath, toilet, or sofa.
• New 2008 Subaru Impreza »»»
Fuji Heavy Industries Inc. (FHI), a car manufacturer Subaru, unveiled at the New York International Automobile exhibition is a new third generation Subaru Impreza, which is expected to start selling this summer.
• Great automotive power: China has become the world's largest producer of cars »»»
China, which recently became the largest car market, is going to win another title - the world's leading automaker.