In Germany, most drunken drivers

According to a study conducted by TISPOL, an international organization promoting the joint service of the traffic police of the EU countries, we found out the fact that most drunk drivers in Germany. This was proved by carrying out actions aimed at the detection of violators of traffic regulations. It turns out that German drivers are not very disciplined. Every tenth of them ever (once, occasionally, from time to time, permanently) driving while intoxicated.

6 January 2008 | country, driver, germany, office, organization, police, research

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• Traffic police to collect fines from drivers in the capital's shops »»»
A few weeks in Moscow shopping centers, stores and offices, traffic police will install terminals 200-500 instant payment, in which traffic police will be able to collect fines from drivers who violated traffic regulations.
• The Supreme Court has forbidden to punish drunk drivers only for the presence of cars »»»
Russian Supreme Court basically defended all motorists of the country from unwarranted accusations of drunkenness at the wheel when the car is standing still.
• In Germany, disability detained for driving wheelchair drunk »»»
Traffic police in Germany arrested a man who ruled the wheelchair in a state of extreme intoxication.
• "Feats" on the road will be taken into account in the price OSAGO »»»
Soon the cost of the policy will be influenced by another factor - a violation of traffic rules allowed drivers promised to head the Department of Road Safety Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Viktor Kiryanov in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, in part was published yesterday.
• Any intersection of the continuous marking, the Supreme Court equated to leave for oncoming traffic »»»
What maneuver should be considered at the exit lane of oncoming traffic?