New Citroen Berlingo

Recently, at a special promotional website Citroen was presented Berlingo light commercial vehicle new generation. This machine can be purchased as a passenger and in freight performance.

This car was created on the chassis model C4 Picasso. In its complete set includes a diesel engine at 110 horsepower. Machine length of 4.38 meters and carrying capacity - 850 pounds. With regard to the trunk, its volume is 3.3 cubic meters. Moreover, this amount will increase to 3.7 cubic meters, if you fold the passenger seat.

5 January 2008 | generation, meter, performance

Bosch has developed a system of salvation Pedestrian
In India, will present the world’s cheapest new car

• Today in India was presented the car for 2,5 thousand dollars »»»
The long-awaited premiere of the car, whose value is only 2,5 thousand dollars, was held Thursday in the Indian capital, the Ashgabat correspondent of RIA Novosti.
• Automotive engineers are ready to abandon camshaft »»»
Engineers from the company Valeo developed engine, devoid camshaft. Instead, they propose the construction of electromagnetic solenoids, which will manage the movement of valves.
• New 2008 Subaru Impreza »»»
Fuji Heavy Industries Inc. (FHI), a car manufacturer Subaru, unveiled at the New York International Automobile exhibition is a new third generation Subaru Impreza, which is expected to start selling this summer.
• Jet toilet - the most powerful in the world »»»
Great lover of speed and part-time former mechanic racing NASCAR has created a toilet with a jet engine Boeing, capacity 1 000 horsepower.
• New concept Ford Explorer America »»»
Within the Detroit auto show will be shown a new concept called the Ford Explorer America, which was presented recently by Ford.