Volvo recalls 56 thousand cars in Europe and the United States

Swedish automaker Volvo Cars recalls 56 thousand of its cars from the markets of Europe and the United States in connection with two problems. 38 thousand car models S60, V70, XC70 and XC90, manufactured in 2006. Will be revoked due to a failure in the engine, which could cause a fire.

Another 18 thousand cars of the model number of V70 and XC70 were withdrawn in with troubles in the airbags.

22 November 2007 | automaker, engine, europe, issue, issue, market, model, united states, volvo

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• Volvo have a large consignment of marriage »»»
Swedish carmaker to withdraw their vehicles from the sale. 56 thousand Volvo, proved to be defective and must be returned to the factory.
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