Liquidity crisis in the banking market

In August 2007, problems began in the mortgage market, in September, the liquidity crisis has come to market auto loans. The main characteristics of the crisis is the refusal to borrowers in the loans and the deferral of the issuance of loans already approved for transactions. Only the number of banks have announced the suspension of lending programs, the majority of its banks have not formally declare cease issuing car loans and continue to accept applications for credit.

Accordingly, in what may encounter a buyer who wants to buy a car on credit in autumn 2007 .. .

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Issue sport electric Tesla Roadster postponed to 2008
New futuristic car Aptera began the conquest of the world

• Toyota opened the first of the automakers in Russia own bank - "Toyota Bank" »»»
Those who want to buy a Toyota car loan will soon be able to arrange it in his own bank automaker.
• Launched avtokreditny portal »»»
Center for automobile loans in conjunction with the car portal, Avto.
• Detained in Moscow swindlers who deceive banks »»»
Operatives of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department arrested in the capital, suspected fraud to the consumer and auto loans.
• BMW and DaimlerChrysler will be opened in Russia's own banks »»»
Affiliated financial structure of companies will issue loans for the purchase of German cars, BMW and Mercedes.
• How to choose avtokreditny bank? »»»
Tired of public transport? I want to get to their destination as quickly and comfortably?