Xenon. Available on xenon.

Automobile Xenon headlights provide better illuminate the road even during bad weather (rain, fog), give more light, which, moreover, is close to daylight and corresponds to our visual habits. The popularity of xenon is steadily growing. What is the reason for such an interesting choice of thousands of drivers?

10 September 2007 | headlight, light, road, xenon

“Kid” from Volkswagen: the new compact concept VW UP!
BMW has released a free racing-game

• Ukrainian student has developed a wonder-lights for cars over 20 years, which fought in the United States »»»
Ukrainian student Andrew Hodursky from Poltava has developed a unique lighting system of roads for cars.
• Accidents in France: 300 cars, over 30 injured »»»
Close to Bordeaux on highway A63 collided about 80 cars.
• Spy Photos updated BMW 6 Series »»»
The German company BMW is preparing a small facelift 6 Series.
• Russia is ready to become number one for Toyota »»»
The rapidly growing automobile market of Russia could overtake Germany, Britain and Italy by car sales mark Toyota.
• 1901 - State of New York introduced the world's first car number »»»
In Russia, long before motorists with problems obtaining and maintaining license plates collided cabbies.