The hybrid Toyota Prius is charged with polluting and inefficiency

Independent and highly respected in North America marketing agency, CNW Marketing-Research conducted a study whose purpose was to determine the cost of energy per mile mileage. According to CNW Marketing-Research, Prius was not such a “Green car”, as was assumed.

9 July 2007 | cnw, hybrid, marketing-research, mile, mileage, news, price, research

Microsoft and Ford demonstrate Sync
Construction of the factory Nissan near St. Petersburg has begun!

• Russians no longer love second-hand car »»»
According to a survey conducted by market research agency Vector Market Research among car owners in and around Moscow, 65% of respondents as their next car will acquire a new car, 16% - used, in addition, a significant proportion of those (19%) who had not yet determined with the answer to this question.
• Value is declared Nissan Versa 2008 »»»
Nissan North America has announced the cost of the sedan and Nissan Versa hatchback 2008 model year, which came today to authorized dealers.
• Russes n'aiment plus de voitures d'occasion »»»
Selon une enquête réalisée par l’agence d’étude de marché Market Vector Research auprès de propriétaires de voitures à Moscou et ses environs, 65% des répondants comme étant leur prochaine voiture va acquérir une nouvelle voiture, 16% - utilisé, en outre, une proportion importante des personnes (19%) qui n’avaient pas encore déterminé avec la réponse à cette question.
• The number of women drivers in Russia has doubled in five years »»»
Number of female drivers in Russia over the past five years has almost doubled.
• Toyota Prius will now work on solar-powered »»»
The already efficient car got a package of options that makes it even more advantageous in terms of fuel economy.