When buying a car from Germany can be fun to fly!

Mobile.de - a popular resource among professionals, long-distance and all those who are the concerned in the supply of cars on order in Russia. Mobile.de website dedicated to buying new and used cars in Germany. By setting conditions search by make, engine size, equipment and price, you can quickly find a specific lot, to orient prices. Mobile.de site supports the work in six languages - including German and English. (Russian language unfortunately no).
Fraud by mobile.de

Some of the methods of fraud practiced in the sale of cars through the portal mobile.de:

As a rule, to lure the victim to sell the car is exhibited at the price significantly below the market average.
1. Money “from hand to hand”

All correspondence is by e-mail communication with the seller only by cell phone, because he refused to give a home (if the seller is a private person).

Machine “so here goes”, and seller requests sent in advance. Payment methods: Western Union, MoneyGram, as well as other remittance systems on a “hands”.

Fraudsters usually fake identity documents, and easily remove your money and then disappear forever. Return you will not be able to.

2. “Wrong details”

you manage your correspondence is not through correspondence mobile.de, but through private mail. You send bank details, you pay for it, and then the seller is looking for a long time and can not find the money transferred to you. When you start to verify the details, it appears that the seller sees them the first time “.

3. “Not the car” or “Error in declaring”
With the arrival of paid vehicle you can wait for another machine configuration.

Sold by advertising on the mobile.de, knowingly points a rich equipment, and will subsequently be invoked by Secretary error “or something else. But the money paid, and none in the bill you the full specifications are not listed. A car without air conditioning, automatic gearshift or 16-mi discs instead of 18 x cheaper analogues on the market. And to prove the truth will be very difficult. The car of the advertising he would withdraw, but the main argument - a bill of sale, rather than picture-in-mobile.de.

Board: Ask the VIN and check the machine before completing the purchase, but also requires (of course if you get it) specify the maximum full complete set in the bill.

4. “Guarantees of mobile.de”

have mobile.de no special accounts, financial departments, audited and atestirovannyh “sellers. Therefore, all references to “we know of mobile.de” and “we value our reputation” - lies.

Tip: If you try to cheat like a link to mobile.de - call customer support mobile.de (+49 30 81097-530) and report fraud.

5. Documents sent by electronic means

Be careful, if the documents are sent to you via e-mail or fax. Swindlers is not difficult to forge identity documents or ownership, registration papers for the car.

6. “Letters from mobile.de”

Be careful. Mobile.de will not send any letters to buyers of cars. Especially with the demands of your private data and data on your credit card.

7. If the purchase and sale executed

Mobile.de in no way involved in the relationship between buyers and sellers, and similarly does not give any information and advice.

In this regard, mobile.de is unable to provide any information about the creditworthiness buyer or seller simply because it does not have it. If, however, you will receive e-mails (where apparent sender - www.mobile.de) with statements regarding the creditworthiness of the buyer, it is undoubtedly an attempt to fraud.

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