1901 - State of New York introduced the world’s first car number

In Russia, long before motorists with problems obtaining and maintaining license plates collided cabbies. Rooms for them were invented by the city authorities for the sake of convenience, the registration of private enterprises in obtaining them from the treasury of compulsory tax on carting.
In large cities the local authorities began to give out each rated with sneaks cabbie special numbered token. In order to avoid unnecessary conflicts with the police he should always be in a conspicuous place, confirming the legality of their business. In Moscow, such plates cabbies initially was ordered to sew on the garment - on the back near his gate.
Then the rules changed, and the chips are pin on the robes, coats and homespun coats in the front. In addition, “digitize” now not only the driver, but his vehicle: a set added two “cans” - one room should reinforce the “back of a crew, the other front, on the box. These innovations are introduced, the better to monitor the streets of every Vanka and cab. Soon it was ordered to have a cab at night, lit the lamp on the glass which shows the registration number. True, so not cheap construction was required only for the reckless, “troechnikov” - those who drove the wealthy clients on threes, with a breeze. But crews purchased for personal use, in general, no numbers were not required.
Followed cabbies in numbered bondage “hit cyclists. The first in Russia since 1893 have had to get rooms in St. Petersburg Tuesday. In 1894 in Moscow issued a decree, which states: “Anyone who receives permission to ride a bicycle in Moscow, the council is provided with registration number, which is mounted behind the saddle. In addition, the bike should be light with the image of the same plate. .. “. Rooms should change each year, paying them substantial sum, but to get the cherished plate was not always easy.
Spring, at the height of the harvest of exchange, store rooms made quickly faded away, and had to wait for new shipments for several weeks. Ignore replacement license plates was fraught with serious trouble.
First official road numbers have been introduced in the United States April 25, 1901 in New York. Owners of vehicles required to register their names and address and description of their car and pay a one dollar registration fee. Then they received a small plate on which were listed the initials of the owner. In the first year were given 954 rooms. In Russia, for the registration of “benzinomotorov” on them hung numbers on the bicycle model, only increased by 5-8 times. The authorities have moved to legalize and illuminated signs.
Section 15 é “binding decisions about riding in cars on the Saint Petersburg” in 1902 reads: “Cars must be equipped with lights, rearward, with the written number on the lamp glass. To set a rule annual replacement numbers. “Approaching on March 15, when the Moscow motorists wishing to travel by car should submit their vehicles for inspection and get to the city council a new license plate” - the newspaper in 1911.
Construction Vehicle registration plates of that time was heavy and uncomfortable. To consolidate the number plate on his car, its owner had to show the wonders of ingenuity, as well as “normal” space for mounting license plates on cars at that time had not yet been provided. The drivers recommended … bind them with leather straps to the leaf-spring front and rear axles. Consider, if necessary numbers that appear on these plates, it was difficult.
Number of self-propelled carriages on the roads of Russian provinces were so small that they completely missed the registration of three-and four-digit numbers (even in Moscow, by 1914 there were only formalized in 2200 “benzinomotorov”). A similar situation prevails in the first years after the revolution. But later, as a result of automobile boom, which began in early 1930, to help the figures had to connect more and punctuation characters.

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