Yandex has launched a mobile version of maps of Moscow traffic

Company Yandex has announced the launch of a mobile version of the map of traffic jams. Now the relevant information about the traffic on the roads of the capital available to owners PDA - bookmark traffic jams on mobile Yandex.Maps or on a separate link- Use the service free of charge, information about traffic jams are updated every 5 minutes.

Mobile version provides users with maps of jams same feature set as its “desktop” analog. It is possible to enlarge, reduce and move the map by selecting a specific fragment. Load on roads in a particular area of the city or on a particular street can be explored to find a suitable piece of card search. Users can become a source of data about the road situation. Use the feedback form and motorists and even pedestrians can transmit information at first hand “- the localization of cork, its direction, average speed.

” This is the first service that provides free information on the status of authorized roads in Moscow in a format suitable for handheld computers - said Maria Laufer, manager Yandex.Maps. - Now, the owners of the CCP will be able to learn about what to expect on the road without leaving your own car. We just do not recommend doing it directly in motion “.

Map of Moscow traffic was opened on Yandex in May 2006, and during that time has become an integral part of the lives of many motorists. Every day, over 200 thousand Muscovites before the planned trip, cross-checked with the testimony card plugs on Yandex. Data on the road situation provided the information agency “SMIlink.

22 March 2007 | cork, info, moscow, owner, road, service, version

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