VIEW / New law for drivers

Traffic police has decided to change the existing categories of driving licenses, to bring them into line with European standards. Instead of the five current categories from next year will be introduced categories for different types of transport. The result could happen that the driver, “shifting” from compacts to SUV, in addition to changing the car would have to change in the rights category, ie, re-take the exam in the traffic police.

8 August 2006 | category, driver, license, opinion, standard, traffic police, transport, view

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In Britain, the driver detonated a roadside speed cameras

• The new law without the hassle »»»
Driver’s license is often the instrument’s number one - drivers have to bring it to the authorities far more often than your passport.
• Traffic police find the perpetrators of pre-New year traffic jams in the capital. This drivers »»»
For none of those in the New Year days in the capital is no secret that Moscow is “not only in peak hours, and from early morning until late at night.
• Any intersection of the continuous marking, the Supreme Court equated to leave for oncoming traffic »»»
What maneuver should be considered at the exit lane of oncoming traffic?
• GAI increases the price of Rights »»»
After a resounding statement that we should abolish externe, introduce the right additional categories, to increase terms of training in driving schools, and generally cover private driving schools that will become public, in life, nothing has changed with one exception - to receive or buy the rights from day to day becoming more and more expensive.
• Duration of course for drivers doubled »»»
Ministry of Education has developed a new program of driver training provided for education reform future motorists.