Dream. For a new online campaign, gathered 25 Lincoln cherished dreams

American automaker Lincoln decided to demonstrate that his car is not just a commodity, but something more: Dream. The main media for an advertising campaign to explain this idea, was chosen the Internet. Marketers Lincoln created a website community mydream.tv ( “My Dream” or “Show me your dream”).

21 February 2007 | automaker, campaign, dream, internet, lincoln, view, wish

It closed Russian Renault and other events this week
Crash test with failure to wear seat belts from the magazine “Auto Review”!

• Expected new items Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) »»»
September 13 starts the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (International Motor Show Frankfurt / Main 2007), who in this year’s 62 in a row.
• Auto company opens museum for lazy »»»
Auto company are opening their own museums, kinking American Advertising
• Buy & Wheelbarrow-point-Ru »»»
Regional Internet Project for selling cars. As you know, everyone wants to buy a car, but buying and dreams to sell.
• Auto compagnie ouvre des musées pour la société paresseux »»»
Société Auto ouvrent leurs propres musées, plicature American Advertising /
• 10 years EuroNCAP »»»
In December, the tenth anniversary of an independent European organization EuroNCAP, which is widely known, making a pile of scrap metal a few dozen cars per year.