On the Jeep Grand Cherokee - from Russia to Norway and back

Ironically, the crucial point in the sentence “the next vacation will hold, admiring fjords” put … Turkey. That she and her 40-degree heat, warm sea and hideously dull crowd of holidaymakers finally formulated the axiom: “winter summer should the North!”

14 January 2007 | point, russia

Due to lack of roads in Moscow can be halted housing construction
Motorists and sellers of cars hit by warm winter

• Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Peugeot begin to assemble its cars in Russia »»»
Ministry of Economic Development of Russia until the end of April will hold final talks with the world’s automobile companies, who plan to begin assembly of its commercial vehicles in Russia.
• Personal Cooling System »»»
Surely you know the feeling of incredible relief, which comes in a hot summer day, when you cover the neck with a towel dipped in cold water.
• Formule 1: Grand Prix de Chine victoire de Kimi Raikkonen »»»
Le vainqueur de la phase avant-dernier du Championnat du Monde de Formule 1, Grand Prix, a été le chef de l’équipe Ferrari, Kimi Raikkonen.
• Sex in a small town »»»
Handles are freezing, feet are freezing …. In Vyksa cold.
• Formule 1 ne passera pas sur la piste au Mans »»»
Roland Du Loir, qui est président du Département général de la Sarthe Conseil, estime que la Formule 1 n’est pas pertinent de revenir sur la piste au Mans.