Cars ruining their producers

All large corporations knew ups and downs. This - an indispensable attribute of the life cycle of any organization. In This applies fully to the world of cars. But often the fall put the founders on the brink of survival.

17 December 2006 | corporation, drop, organization, producer, world

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• Great automotive power: China has become the world's largest producer of cars »»»
China, which recently became the largest car market, is going to win another title - the world's leading automaker.
• Machines Mazda recognized as the most reliable »»»
According to statistics, only 8.04% of the 100 cars, Mazda, ages 3 to 9 years require their owners to call a car service.
• BMW give away your car »»»
Hong Kong shareholders sponsored BMW 200 cars for VIP-persons and government ministers participating in the International Telecommunications Exhibition (ITU Telecom World 2006).
• The world's oldest car sold at auction »»»
The oldest car in the world among those still in working condition will be sold in August at an auction in Pebble Beach, California (USA).
• The tax on cars with engines of a large volume will rise this year »»»
Vehicle excise duty for cars with engines of a large volume can be increased in Moscow later this year.