Where machines are disappearing from the streets of Moscow?

One morning all of those who parks his car in the yard or along the roadway, can go out and find his “swallow.” This does not mean that it has become prey to thieves. Nor should we think that at night it revealed the tipsy youth and swept up to the nearest pole or ravine. When it comes to car 90’s, then most likely it was stolen utility workers. The path is only one - the parking lot supposedly orphan cars. One of them is located near Highway Enthusiasts. There and go.

But first - a little introduction. All the familiar pattern: the yard is an ancient Volvo, or 30-year-old “Lada”, which has never and will not go. On the windshield - a piece of paper from the council with a request to remove the property. However, this avtohlam goes on for months or even years. Another story - with more liquid, or just a few machines.

Along the streets, in a perfectly legal place is old, but a decent-looking SUV. It should be a week to another. His owner could get to the hospital or go on a business trip. This utility workers do not care. After a while the car was leaving in an unknown direction. Auto, among others, is absolutely complete, in rooms or at least transit. And then the fun begins.

Contacting the police and the public utilities will not work: the first sluggish dismiss the application for theft, the latter will be strongly denied any involvement in the theft of the car. He, meanwhile, is already on one of the makeshift “shtrafstoyanok,” with which the machines rarely returned to their owners.

Welcome to one of them, in the eastern district of the capital. Classical industrial zone, barrier gates at the entrance - a person of Asian ethnicity, weakly saying in Russian. The owner of this site to find difficult, but possible - if you will like any of the machines, it can take as a whole (for funny money - from 20 rubles), but without documents, and any assistance in the transport and get hold of spare parts. That is, avtokladbische as it is. Only a completely illegal. With stolen, in fact, machines.

The range of wealth. For every taste. From the countless “Japanese” 20-30 years old, past the old Cherokee, to the GAZ-66 and “KamAZ”. You can find rare “Americans” still very fresh (and expensive), minivans, “Victory” and the present European avtoretro 30-ies. Not enough except that the typical car loan at the age of one to five years.

By law, cars that had been evacuated from the streets of Moscow, must stand on such parking lots at least a year, with sealed doors. None of this in the parking lot near Highway Enthusiasts do not. Entrance there is free. All that is necessary, drank, all that can be sold. Machines do not stay long. Some go for scrap. A third - sold as a whole. Others go for parts. Good, profitable business.

If your car gets to a place, most likely, you have it will never see - it just disappears.

4 April 2012

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