Car of the future invented in Russia

Russians have contributed to the development of cars Audi. Project Audi Quattroflex, designed by a student of the Ural Academy of Architecture and Art Alexei Bykov, won the main prize in the competition Interior Motives Design Awards for the best use of technology. Jury, which consisted of the chief designers of BMW, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Bentley, and GM, liked the idea of Russians.

19 November 2006 | audi, competition, development, project, rossiyanin, russia, students, technology

Neat Dutchmen were removed from the streets of traffic lights
As traffic police inspector should conduct the inspection of the car?

• In Russia create a car-robot »»»
With Russian scientists and engineers has launched an unusual project “35 thousand”, designed to reduce the number of accidents on the roads of the country.
• Sports cars VW Passat Individual »»»
The German company VW has extended an occasional series of sports cars, VW Passat Individual.
• Announced the winner of "World Car of the Year. Volkswagen Polo took the top prize. »»»
At the auto show in New York summed up the annual contest “World Car of the Year.
• In the engine, the Audi »»»
Company Audi has received the first prize in the category Engine of the Year (Engine of the Year) for the third year in a row!
• Draft OSCar (Open Source Car) - the development of the car on the principles of free programming »»»
The basic idea was that the forces of volunteers to create a concept car that would be built on the ideas and engineering discoveries, is not fettered by patent restrictions and freely available to all manufacturers of motor vehicles.