Trade war with Toyota Motors USA

The U.S. government declared war against the Japanese corporation Toyota Motors. At least, this impression is, if you read the recent publications in foreign automotive press. What are records of the meeting of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform U.S. House of Representatives, which on Thursday, February 24, testified president Akio Toyoda.

Increased attention to the state, Toyota raises questions yet, because despite the large amount of recall to cars, experts do not believe this case is unprecedented. According to NHTSA, autumn tip 4,2 million cars Toyota has only a sixth place in the U.S. by the number of simultaneously caught by the service program cars. Leadership in this ranking still holds the “Ford”, which withdrew in 1996 and 7.9 million cars and pickup trucks due to a failure in the ignition.

Moreover, from the standpoint of the owner, upon detection of factory defects are much more important, what the consequences may lead one or another failure, not the total number of defective machines. In this regard, the journalists of the North American edition of Popular Mechanics made their own rating of the loudest car reviews in the United States, and in first place on the severity of the impact was not Toyota, but again, “Ford”.

In 2001, the heirs of Henry Ford’s automobile empire had to take from owners SUVs Ford Explorer to replace the regular “rubber” Firestone. According to the magazine Popular Mechanics, because of these tires on the roads of North America, killing 200 people. For comparison, in 2000 and to this day, according to official figures, due to factory fault of Toyota vehicles in the United States killed 34 people.

In addition, the Japanese company - is not the first automaker to recall its vehicles because of problems with uncontrolled acceleration. In 1988, it recorded a number of similar accidents involving sedan Honda Accord, in 1997 - with the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee, in 2000, similar problems were reported at several Ford Explor

26 February 2010

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