At UAZ going to breed dinosaurs

In early September, UAZ issued a press release, which announced plans to organize a screwdriver assembly Bremach T-Rex - Italian specialist SUV, which is positioned in the market as one of the few alternatives to MB Unimog. The machine is quite good and even necessary, but confuses price. Labeled a few imported into Russia Bremach start from three million rubles. Very much a three-ton with a rather limited scope. Thus, large-unit assembly of UAZ is unlikely to lower the price more than 10-15 percent, because no question about saving on customs duties in this case does not go. "Tyrannosaurus" (just so the abbreviation stands for T-Rex) customs clearance at reduced rates as a municipal specials, and hence direct economic sense in the organization of the assembly there. Especially in a crisis. But UAZ their reasons.

1 October 2009 | assembly, market, oise, organization, plan, press release, september, suv, uaz

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