In Russia create a car-robot

With Russian scientists and engineers has launched an unusual project “35 thousand”, designed to reduce the number of accidents on the roads of the country. Output, in the opinion of its authors, in the development and widespread introduction of fully automatic control of vehicles.

4 December 2007 | administration, bio, case, country, output, project, road, russia, thousand

Auto manufacturers recommend changing oil less often - every 12 000 km
Presentation of the elite new items - Bentley Brooklands.

• Nissan and Infiniti vehicles to protect pedestrians at running »»»
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will equip the cars of the new development is near fall.
• Car of the future invented in Russia »»»
Russians have contributed to the development of cars Audi. Project Audi Quattroflex, designed by a student of the Ural Academy of Architecture and Art Alexei Bykov, won the main prize in the competition Interior Motives Design Awards for the best use of technology.
• The European Union has decided to equip cars devices for remote stop »»»
In the European Union are going to install on cars devices to remotely turn off the engine.
• The project to create Open-Source Car »»»
Markus Merz, who works in the company BMW, along with other engineers, enthusiasts, as a hobby in 1999 founded the project Oscar (Open Source Car).
• "On the Road": a social network for standing in traffic jams »»»
“On the Road” - a new web project, in which users can share experiences that are watching out of the car from the sidewalk or out the window, to publish photographs of the scene and discuss these things.