16 cars for blondes

Lifestyle blondes, their sexuality, admired by many men. It is believed that the blond girl ride only on the small pink cabriolets. Is this true? Below are the cars that can also enjoy all the blondes.

26 November 2007 | blonde, girl, life, man, style

What car company can make quality cars in overseas factories?
Highspeed Event: for those who like to urge.

• Automotive Tools: womans only! »»»
British company The Pink Toolbox Co has created a set of tools for Women Pink Car Kit, worth $ 50.
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During the Frankfurt Motor Show - one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.
• Promodevochki. Creative review, the most exciting BTL »»»
To attract the attention of the people passing by, BTL advertising sometimes is very frank steps, trying to hook an audience of girls and unambiguous namekami.
• 5 most sexual and environmentally friendly cars »»»
Many people perceive environmentally friendly cars seriously. It is believed that they have very little stock of progress, ugly and can not go fast enough.
• Automotive Tools: womans only! »»»
Britische Unternehmen The Pink Toolbox Co hat eine Reihe von Werkzeugen für Frauen Pink Car Kit im Wert von $ 50 erstellt.