Prepared a list of the most curious incident in Moscow and Moscow

Every day in Moscow and Moscow region is the set of major and minor accidents, most of them - ordinary and unremarkable accident. However, sometimes the car accident become a comic tone. Publication compiled a list of the most curious accident occurred in Moscow and Moscow region.

27 June 2007 | accident, accident, list, majority, moscow, moscow, set

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• Holders spetsnomerov get in an accident is 30 times more likely to »»»
Recorded in Moscow with spetsnomerami cars in 2006 fell into the accident is almost 30 times more likely to ordinary cars, reports on Sunday, Interfax reported.
• 62 vehicles collided in the fog at the Krasnodar: 12 burned. »»»
A major accident occurred on Monday at the entrance to Krasnodar.
• In an accident killed a former member of "American Idol-4 Ratmir Shishkov »»»
They began to know the details of the terrible accident that occurred at the center of Moscow at night March 22.
• The robbers were planted by the owner of cars to the Moscow Ring Road »»»
In Moscow, the robbers stole luxury cars, along with the owner, who was deputy director of a major corporation.
• Caught 38 stations in Moscow! But where their list? »»»
The sale of substandard gasoline in the last year caught 38 stations in Moscow.