The most curious vehicles planet. Auto-bed, plush car, car, boat, motor-boat and car-ball

To attach the wheels and the motor can be any object and make the car out of the bath, toilet, or sofa. This professionally engaged in, for example, in the company “Cummfy banana”, specializing in the creation of unusual cars, more precisely motorized household items. It is they, for example, holds the record for “fastest furniture”.
Slide bath is positioned as a sophisticated means of transportation to the toilet - the driver, “performed in the Victorian style, as well as a comfortable passenger seat in the bathroom. From the craftsmen to reveal all the secrets of the creation of this facility badly, in fact aware of the fact that this car Honda Spacy 250 CC was the inspiration toilet on wheels, is a sympathy for the Japanese brand. Set the heat, standing in the shower, helps the engine produce 15 hp, which can make a bath with a sweep speed of 120 km / h, since this combined bathroom weighs only 360 kg.

25 May 2007 | create, engine, place, planet, toilet, view, wheel

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