BMW and DaimlerChrysler will be opened in Russia’s own banks

Affiliated financial structure of companies will issue loans for the purchase of German cars, BMW and Mercedes.

Bank of BMW Financial Services start work before the end of the year. All documents have been prepared, and now the company is waiting for authorization of the Central Bank of Russia. It is expected that the subsidiary bank auto loans BMW will give the rate of 2,9 to 9,9 per cent depending on the initial payment and terms of payment.

Cars Mercedes can be bought on credit, taken in the DaimlerChrysler Bank, in October. Representatives of both companies say the decision to open their own banks associated with a significant increase in sales of cars in Russia.

19 March 2007 | bank, bmw, businesses, jobs, loan, mercedes, purchase, russia

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Center for automobile loans in conjunction with the car portal, Avto.
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In August 2007, problems began in the mortgage market, in September, the liquidity crisis has come to market auto loans.
• 35% of Russians are ready to buy a new car in the coming year »»»
About 35% of Russians plan to buy a car in the next 12 months - such data are given in the study of international analytical agency Nielsen.
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