Daimler SuperTruck - the future of long-haul tractor

The exhibition truck Mid-America Trucking Show company Daimler Trucks presented the concept of the new long-haul tractors called SuperTruck.

Work on the project began in 2010. Priority in the development of the project was to increase fuel efficiency, compared with the average tonnage tractor. Originally required a 50% growth, but argues that the Daimler engineers have achieved efficiency gains of 115%. The company reports that the average fuel consumption of the experimental tractor is 19.2 l / 100 km at a speed of about 100 km / h and the vehicle weight is 29.5 tons.

More photos: truckmix.ru

8 April 2015

Arctic for the first time will win on cars
Russia has banned selling used cars with hands

• Petrol is no longer needed; cars on compressed air »»»
Cars brand "AIRPod", running on compressed air, this year will be released in the US by "Zero Pollution Motors".
• At the SEMA Show 2013 was presented to Monster Dually Hauler. »»»
At the motor show SEMA 2013 first came on the scene hot-rod called Dually Hauler.
• Soon there will be the long-awaited premiere Volvo XC90 »»»
In early October at the Paris Motor Show will be held on the long-awaited premiere of the new generation Volvo XC90.
• In St. Petersburg unknown repaired the bridge for three days »»»
An unexpected development was the situation with the repair of the bridge of Alexander Nevsky.
• In Russia will actively promote electric vehicles »»»
Company "Rossetti" will continue to implement the national program for the development of charging infrastructure.