In the center of Moscow in 2011, might prohibit the cars below the standard Euro-3 “, and from 2012 -” Euro-4 “

The authorities intend to Moscow in 2011 to limit the congestion of road transport with the environmental characteristics below the standard Euro-3 “, and in 2012 - lower than the standard Euro-4″, told RIA Novosti source in the city administration. He said the proposal would be made to discuss the Government of Moscow on March 23.

19 March 2010

Ukraine will be celebrating the anniversary Zaporozhtsya
Car Rental - rental without a franchise

• Muscovites have ignored the "Day without cars" »»»
Moscow drivers have ignored the event “A Day Without a Car”, conducted on Sept.
• C on April 1, come into effect new rates of payment overhaul. »»»
From 1 April in Moscow, change the size limit fees provedeie vehicle inspection.
• In the State Duma a bill according to which the car carrying passengers will be able to move the selected bands »»»
The initiators of such a proposal were made by members of the Liberal Democratic Party.
• REGNUM: The gap for the standard Euro-2 Japanese used cars are likely to send back »»»
Japanese cars until 1997 release, as inconsistent with the standard Euro-2, may be sent back to Japan.
• Fans of "Putin's" Car recycling will pay higher taxes. It is for them to afford to hit the "environmental" initiative Minpromtorg »»»
Initiative Minpromtorg Russia to impose different rates of vehicle tax on environmentally friendly car to hit in the first place by those who used the state program utilization.