Scream, do not yell - it is useless

Living in a modern city so accustomed to the sound of car alarms that now leave him without his attention. Therefore, the usefulness of this noisy device today is almost zero. In this case the

3 May 2011

Khabarovsk police demanded 300,000 rubles for the return of stolen cars

In the Khabarovsk region opened a criminal case against three members of the criminal investigation department of the Amur region, extorted from a local resident a large sum for the return of his

25 October 2010

The most ridiculous fines for speeding in 2009

A resident of Kazan received a decision on a fine for speeding at 217 km / h

Kazan motorists were sent to a decision on a fine for speeding at 217 km / h. On receipt of data from video fixation, it

5 January 2010

Under Rostov drunken militiamen shot down two pedestrians to death at a bus stop

The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 14, around 22:20 on a 24-kilometer highway Rostov-na-Donu - Stavropol. He drove past the bus stop, car VAZ-2115,

15 October 2009

Residents of the Far East for recycling of cars can get 90 thousand rubles, while the remaining residents of Russia 50 thousand

RF Presidential Plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District Viktor Ishaev Far Eastern offers to pay compensation in the amount of 80-90 thousand rubles

13 October 2009

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