Carmaker Toyota released the first car with a hydrogen engine

As you know, Japan is famous for its quality and innovative approach to the automotive industry. Brands such as: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc., on hearing any layman. And today carmaker Toyota presents

19 November 2014

Honda introduced a home fueling station for hydrogen cars - Solar Hydrogen Station

Honda has long been seriously flirting with cars that have no batteries, but has its own power, generate electricity through a chemical reaction between oxygen and compressed hydrogen in the tank.

29 January 2010

Favorite automotive brands

Consumer Reports, which enjoys great popularity among motorists, decided to consider consumer attitudes towards different …

11 January 2008

Honda introduced the European version of the model Accord

It is just concept. But just know that the serial Accord will like him as …

11 September 2007

New Honda Civic MUGEN

Honda Corporation announced mid-October 2007 the beginning of official sales of sports sedan Civic MUGEN …

1 September 2007

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