CTP policies: a major scandal erupted

Owners of 626,000 compulsory civil liability motor insurance company "Russia" can face serious problems. As reported by "Vedomosti", companies threatened with bankruptcy and revocation of license. A

7 November 2013

No money - no parking!

Parking in downtown Moscow, sooner or later will be paid - this is sure Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. According to him, other ways of solving the problems of congestion traffic center of the

17 November 2010

Registration via the website cars - “it gemmoroy” [audio]

“Money is stuck … they are in accounting do not know where they define” Online advanced citizens themselves are the problem “that has already got internet …” in general - hemorrhoids “

14 July 2010

Volvo recalls 56 thousand cars in Europe and the United States

Swedish automaker Volvo Cars recalls 56 thousand of its cars from the markets of Europe …

22 November 2007

Liquidity crisis in the banking market

In August 2007, problems began in the mortgage market, in September, the liquidity crisis has …

27 September 2007

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