The fine for smoking at the wheel

Smokers know the law on smoking in public places running and smoking motorists aware that smoking inside the car ownership is allowed by law. In August, it became known that smokers will be fined for

2 October 2015

First bench electric car

Before us a real electric car, produced by Indian company Reva Electric. Machine known as the Wiz. In appearance, a typical urban 3 door microcars. Dimensions: Length - 2,6 m, width - 1,3 m, height -

4 June 2011

The car of the motorcade Sergei Mironov gave a road accident on the Moscow prospectus

Mercedes with the plates of about 949 OO98 arranged an accident with a car, which was a woman with a small child. Culprit fled the scene, and none of the machines

16 November 2009

Great automotive power: China has become the world's largest producer of cars

China, which recently became the largest car market, is going to win another title - the world's leading automaker. Estimated

21 October 2009

How do parking from 1 January 2008

As it usually happens in Moscow, free parking was not and had to find room …

22 January 2008

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