How to give your car personality … or tuning of Homel.

In Gomel car owners a new game. Namely tuning your car with the help of cardboard and scotch tape. Yes, with the help of nezateylevyh scrap materials. Source: Source: Flashmob

16 April 2016

In Denmark, drunk drivers will be deprived of the car at the first arrest.

In Denmark to toughen penalties for drunken driving - the drivers blood alcohol content which would be higher than 2 ppm will confiscate their vehicles, according to the German edition of

11 July 2014

Complexes “Light-WASH” ​​for troops RVSN

In 2014, the positions of the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) plan to deploy modern means of stationary radio monitoring and direction finding emitters VHF, UHF bands "Light-WASH". Supply complexes

17 April 2014

In the center of Moscow in 2011, might prohibit the cars below the standard Euro-3 “, and from 2012 -” Euro-4 “

The authorities intend to Moscow in 2011 to limit the congestion of road transport with the environmental characteristics below the standard Euro-3 “, and in 2012 - lower than the standard Euro-4″,

19 March 2010

The robbers were planted by the owner of cars to the Moscow Ring Road

In Moscow, the robbers stole luxury cars, along with the owner, who was deputy director of a major corporation. On Sunday said the source

25 October 2009

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