Cars Kievers began “to call” the army

In the area of ​​ATO need SUVs, but not bad going and luxury cars. One of the most discussed topics among the people of Kiev - the owners of SUVs and minivans: take away any of their cars "to serve."

7 August 2014

(The fight at the Garden) Jeep rammed 20 cars on the Garden Ring. Owners of crumpled cars lynchings perpetrated on him

Owner silver SUV made a major accident in central Moscow. Owners of crumpled cars lynchings perpetrated on him.

Brawl at the Garden

Delay the cab, which rammed more than 20 cars on the Garden Ring,

15 December 2010

Vladimir Vdovichenkov received three gunshot wounds after a traffic argument

- On board “02″ was reported shooting near the house number 2 on the street Composers - told Life News in the law enforcement bodies of the capital. - After a row driver of the Nissan Ikstreyl “fired

17 November 2010

Moscow unknown burned Gelendewagen jeep and beat the owner

The incident occurred today at about 14.00 Moscow time at the intersection of Koshtoyants and …

17 April 2007

“Soviet jeep” 30 years

Legendary “Field” is celebrating its 30 anniversary. VAZ-2121 - the dream of all gardeners who …

4 April 2007

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