Soon there will be the long-awaited premiere Volvo XC90

In early October at the Paris Motor Show will be held on the long-awaited premiere of the new generation Volvo XC90. Currently on the market, this model is one of the oldest, but, nevertheless

12 April 2014

As a woman “auto Lady” check engine oil level car?

On the car I’m riding for about a year. Yes. just ride, and unfortunately is not perfect, we would like. It sometimes happens that someone from the male motorists interested in the technical data of

19 November 2010

Subaru Impreza WRX: Cosworth and Subaru decided to hit motorists all over the world

Subaru company in collaboration with the well-known engineering company Cosworth teamed up to create an ambitious project that will amaze audiences around the world.

It is about spetsversii Impreza

12 February 2010

The most ridiculous fines for speeding in 2009

A resident of Kazan received a decision on a fine for speeding at 217 km / h

Kazan motorists were sent to a decision on a fine for speeding at 217 km / h. On receipt of data from video fixation, it

5 January 2010

Named 10 worst cars of 2009.

Journalists of the popular German publication “Autobild” survey was conducted among motorists, as a result of which was identified ten worst cars of the year.

28 December 2009

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